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Airing 1965-8 many of us loved watching the Robinson family dealing with the challenges of alien worlds. What are your memories of Lost In Space?

If we decide we want to reinvent our lives we can begin with 3 simple questions! What do you want to continue doing, to stop doing, and to start doing?

I can't believe I didn't I know these vitally important facts! Did you?


These two legendary boomer inspiring rockers have different things to teach us about keeping our passion and purpose alive at any age. Read all about it and take our fun quiz to see if you're more of a Mick or a Keith!

My favourite Boomer comic, the brilliant Robin Williams, once told us this about the confounding power of The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards to endure, "dead and gone and Keith will still be there with five cockroaches. Keith will go, 'you know I smoked your uncle, did you know that?'"

Well, Keith himself has admitted to snorting some of his father's ashes so the idea of "Keef" inhaling a roach isn't necessarily something to be sneezed at. Yet Keith still walks and jams amongst us with the energy of a metaphorical Street Fightin' Man.

The longevity of Keith's longtime songwriting partner Mick Jagger is much easier to make sense of since he is a devoted fitness fanatic who keeps in shape for his energiser bunny stage performances with daily hours of cardio, dance, and yoga. It's been estimated that Jagger runs around 12 miles during each Rolling Stones concert. I make that to be about 19.312128 kilometres - and Google agrees! No wonder Mick has the stamina of a Beast Of Burden.

As I write this the Glimmer Twins are entering their 80s. So technically this makes these rockers part of the so called "Silent Generation" which is just a tad ironic for two guys who have lived pretty loud. Yet even though Mick n' Keith for many years lived very different lifestyles I believe they embody qualities that, whatever your gender identification, make them excellent role models for us Boomers.

These legendary figures have taken divergent paths in their private lives but each possesses a palpable passion and purpose that inspires them to continue to do what they love, making and performing music. 

Richards' bohemian spirit and unyielding dedication to his art reminds us to embrace our unique interests and live life on our own terms. Despite his roller coaster approach to wellbeing (he now makes much healthier choices), he continues to defy expectations, captivating audiences around the world with his diverse musical projects.

Jagger's commitment to fitness and well-being serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves. His remarkable energy and physical vitality at an age when many seek comfort in the arms of a Jason Recliner motivates us to prioritise our health and stay active.

We can all keep rolling through our our lives with vigour and enthusiasm if we keep being fuelled by our own passions and purposes. Find out what those passions and purposes are. Leave no stone unturned and you will definitely get some Satisfaction! Make what excites you and what you care about a priority because these are the things that can start you up so you never, never, never stop!


Quiz: Are You a Mick or a Keith?

1. How would you describe your fashion sense? A) Flashy and flamboyant B) Relaxed and laid-back

2. How do you feel about getting older? A) Age is just a number, and you embrace each year with gusto B) You appreciate the wisdom that comes with age but sometimes miss your younger days

3. How would you spend a fun night out? A) Dancing until dawn at a crowded club B) Hanging out with friends in an intimate setting

4. If you indulged in a special beverage what would you choose? A) Expensive Champagne B) Whiskey Neat

5. How do you handle stress? A) Confront the source head on B) Take a step back and spend time alone

6. How do you view romantic relationships? A) Variety is the spice of life B) Pick the right person and stay committed

7. In your group of friends, which are you more known as? A) The life of the party B) The chilled free-spirited soul

8. How do you appraise your partying past? A) I partied but usually knew when to stop B) I partied and often went way too far

9. How would you describe your overall outlook on life? A) Optimistic and always looking for the next big adventure B) Philosophical and aware of both the pleasure and the pain of being alive

Now, let's see if you're more of a Mick Jagger or Keith Richards! Count the number of As and Bs you chose and refer to the key below:

  • Mostly As: You're a Mick! You exude vibrant energy and love being the centre of attention while you enjoy the finer things of life. You live in the moment¬†and your extroverted personality lights up any room you enter.

  • Mostly Bs: You're a Keith! Your laid-back and bohemian charm make you a free-spirited individual who likes to keep it real. You value loyalty, introspection, and live creatively on your own terms.

    Of course remember this quiz is all in good fun. Whether you're more a Mick or a Keith or something completely different you are above all else you. Embrace your unique style, stay true to yourself, and rock on baby!

Which of these delights was your favourite growing up? And has the love survived the years?

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